Anxiety in relationships group (women)


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Except instead of fiction, we deal with the real stories that define our life. 


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About this group

(Women only please). The purpose of this group is to share, learn, listen, and grow from others encountering anxiety in relationships.

Together, we can work to understand why we feel the things we feel and get closer to learning how to deal with them face to face. I look forward to meeting you very soon!


Timing: Tuesdays, 7pm PT 

This group runs for 8 weeks, and then has an option to renew.



This group is free to try for the first session and $20 per month thereafter.

Host: Crissy

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Hi Campfire fam :) My name is Crissy. I am a 20-something Bay Area native, living in San Francisco, working in hospitality. I deeply value my ability to help others however I can. I love being outdoors, traveling, and learning new things.