Finding Balance Together

Bipolar group, Wednesdays, 6pm PT / 9pm ET


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About this group:

Life with Bipolar can be challenging. It's tricky to find balance. It's hard to talk about it.

You're not alone.

This group is a place for us to connect, share and laugh together. We share our experiences and hold space for one another. Think of this Campfire group as having your very own personal advisory board. An intimate group of people that you can rely on.

Topics we discuss include: 

  • How do we build and maintain healthy relationships?
  • How do I deal with my condition at the workplace?
  • Which habits and routines help me find balance?


"There’s a certain kinship I feel when I meet another person with Bipolar. It’s like meeting someone from your hometown or someone who went to your school but a lot stronger. Talking to a peer is also always a unique learning opportunity for me. With Campfire, we’re addressing exactly these needs by creating a space for people to connect around a common experience."

Daniel Pourasghar, Host and Co-founder of Campfire


Wednesdays, 6pm PT/9pm ET, starting May 30

This group meets weekly for 8 weeks. There'll be an option to continue afterwards.



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Hi! My name is Daniel and I am a co-founder of Campfire. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 in my early 20s. Due to shame and fear of judgement, I kept my diagnosis a secret for most of my adult life. Eventually, I found the courage to open up and seek support from people around me. I learned how powerful it feels to connect with others who've been there and understand.


Hello, everyone! My name is Nima. I am currently at the University of Colorado, doing my Masters in Public Health and am happy to be here to support you. I am a volunteer Crisis & Suicide Intervention Counselor and I am trained to facilitate peer support groups. I have been in group therapy and peer support groups and have found them to be helpful in my journey.



This group is free to try, and then $20 per month.

We ask for your payment details to ensure everyone in the group is serious about participating. You won't be charged, until you decide to continue after your first meeting. We offer a sliding scale for those who need it - reach out here to learn more.