Career transition group (Harvard Alumni)


Timing: Mondays, 7pm ET


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Campfire is like a book club.... 

...except instead of fiction, we deal with the real stories that define our life. 


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About this group

(For Alumni of Harvard college or graduate schools). 

This is a workshop for us to connect about the journey of our careers. It's for those who are changing their direction (or planning to). 

The constant of our economy today is change. Most everyone changes their direction at least once, if not constantly.  But not knowing your future path can be tough. This is something we don't often share fully with even our friends. Let's bond about our shared experience, the ups, the downs, and the question marks. Let's learn to enjoy it as and adventure, and not a struggle. 


Host: Benjamin

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Greetings!  I'm a harvard BA, and have wandered in my career, trying such varied vocations as venture capital, software engineering, and primate research in Madagascar. I'm always pondering where to go next, and enjoy connecting with folks in the same boat.   



This group is free to try, and then $20 per month. You won't be charged until the day before your 2nd meeting.