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Live your favorite life

This immersive 8-week program will help you understand what really elevates the quality of your daily life. No matter your age or life stage  - together we will design an every day life filled with deliberate choices and mindfully installed parts of your day that you feel good about. Once identified, we will implement those 'moments', 'feelings' and 'actions' into your daily life. This program offers a multilayered roadmap to create sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Gain clarity on what really makes you feel good and with who, where and when you feel your best
  • What brings you instant joy and happiness?
  • Learn what makes you feel centered, grounded and connected in your daily life
  • Identify distractions in your life and tasks that feel draining and depleting
  • Learn to be deliberate and clear on your goals and your future vision and start designing your life around your vision
  • Actively maximize the joyful moments in your daily life and minimize the draining ones


The program is for you if any of the following statements sound familiar:

  • You are not feeling particularly energetic and don't know how to overcome that feeling.
  • You are unsure about your goals in life and struggle to make decisions.
  • You are not feeling particularly energetic and don't know how to overcome that feeling.
  • You might be experiencing anxiety and a feeling of being stuck.
  • You don't feel inspired or excited about life and you might even find yourself in the rat race.
  • You know something needs to change, but you don't know wha or how to get started.
  • Your every day life feels dictated by all your roles and responsibilities. It's hard to keep up.
  • Your life doesn't feel like your own. You are dealing with a lot of things that you don't remember signing up for.
  • You know there is more to life than paying bill and racing in the rat race and you are ready to make that switch.

How does it work?

Let's have a look at the framework of this course: This is an 8-week online group program consisting of 8 weekly modules and two personal 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • reparation and sign up: Book a free online session to meet the host Maike, ask any questions about the program and gain more clarity on the content and aim of the course. Sign up whenever you are ready to invest in your personal development.
  • Weekly structure: Receive a weekly audio session every Friday with new.
  • Community: Join the ongoing group chat for discussions, follow ups and connect with your fellow course members
  • Weekly group calls: Participate the weekly group calls every Wednesday evening and share your thoughts and progress with Maike and other course member. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss questions and deepen your experience.
  • Personal 1:1 coaching sessions: Take advantage of two personal coaching calls with Maike. We recommend you book the first call whenever you feel like you might need the extra support. The second call is meant to be a 'after program follow up' to check in with you and make sure you are on track and keep you accountable. 


The story behind the 'Design your life' program:

A few years back I took an amazing job right out of College. It was an exciting time, living in the heart of Berlin, Germany in a shared apartment with my creative and fun-loving girlfriends. The urban city life fit right in with my new job and the overall vision  of lifestyle I had created for myself while I was studying - and here I was - living it my vision. I had my ducks in a row!

The wired things was just that I would come home in the evening and feel dull, exhausted and anxious. My life didn't excite me or feel as fulfilling and inspiring as I had envisioned. But what went wrong? This is what (I thought) I always wanted... And it took me a few weeks to just ponder over the fact that my vision and my reality match up, but somewhat didn't feel right. What now? 

I soon realized: while my job was still awesome, I had to compromise in a lot of other areas of my life: I sat in traffic every day for up to 1:30h, there where no healthy places to eat right around where I worked and with my extra time in traffic, I really didn't make the time to prepare food every day either, I was on the computer more than out in the field and ended up sitting most of the day... My lifestyle was now dictated by all the little things that came with my new job. And it was a high price to pay. I decided that the job as such is not as important as all the little things that have to happen to make it there. Instead, I asked myself: 
What do I want my day to be like? My every day life?

I decided to just do more of the things that I already knew would make me feel good on a daily basis. I started a collection of honest and refreshing things to do, people to surround myself with and ways to live my life that had that effect on me and integrate these things systematically into my day. Without knowing what that new approach would create in the end - I decided to go with it. 

This new thinking lead me around the world and changed my entire life - but I always felt empowered to make clear decision or myself, because I knew what I was after and what I wanted from life. Today I am running 'the' to support you to design your wild life. An authentic and wholehearted life that will make you feel excited to get up and start your day. Every day.

Finding happiness not in the big picture, as we don't life our life at once, but in every brush stroke of every day as we create that master piece. Celebrating the moments of every day, because those are the things we live and experience - moments, minutes, days. 

Over the last years I had time to refine the process of designing an exciting life and put it together in this program for you. So here is what we will do:



Week One:  Get a grip on your view of lif
ife is such an individual and multilayered experience. Words might not be enough to capture life as a whole. For the purpose of this program we will explore your personal view of life and where you are at right now. This is your emotional, physical and mental (and spiritual, etc.) inventory, if you will. This first steps creates the base of our program and allows you to move through this program using your own individual understanding of life.

Week Two: Gift yourself your fullest presenc
ur beautiful mind sometimes is fleeting, unsettled and racing with thoughts and ideas, which is just great and also natural. Nevertheless, there lays a benefit in learning to draw all of your attention into the present moment, especially if you are working on assessing your experience of life. This experience happens right now, in the present moment. Therefore, we will learn how to tap into your full potential by being present: a state of mind in which you can be grounded in the present moment.

Week Three: Finding joy and capturing i
Week three focusses on becoming aware of joyful moments. Creating a collection of all the big and small experiences that make you smile, lift your spirits and make you feel vibrantly alive. These are the moments we want to celebrate and grow. 

Week Four: Overcome your limiting believe
We all have our programming - our software. And our behavior is influenced by our programming. Learn to break through old thought patterns that don't serve you any more. Rewire your thinking and clear out your believes that hold you back. Learn specific tools to support yourself with your inner monolog rather than making yourself small and powerless. Learn how to feel expansive over limited. 

Congrats. Half Time.

Week Five: Design your perfect da
earn to break through to your real desires and the root of your happiness, passion. This valuable step will allow you to step out of your current roles and responsibilities and enter a mindset of true designing. Getting to the core of your well-being, your personal idea of a happy and fulfilled life and utilizing this step to create more joy in your daily life.

Week Six: Filter out the essence
Understand the difference between means- and end-goals and look above and beyond your first impulses. Question your own motivations and filter out the essence, the non-negotiables of how you want to feel, who you want to be and where you want to be.

Week Seven: Do what you can with what you hav
Learn to implement the changes you can bring into your day. Start making changes, if you haven't already and simply do what you can, with what you have. 

Week Eight: Now, put it all together 
It's time to make sure all of the work and magic your have created in the last 7 weeks can be installed in your everyday life. Let's talk about 6 important steps to create sustainable change and bring all of the changes and elements together and make that change stick. Designing  a sustainable lifestyle with all the happy and joyful elements we have accumulated over the past 7 weeks.


The benefits of this course

This program guides you through an 8-week structured xperience with thoughtfully designed material. It is user-friendly and easy to access. You will benefit from the exchange with people on the same journey and also All you have to do, is to schedule in the time to listen to the audio sessions, do all personal tasks and tune in for the group sessions. The group chat allows you to stay in touch with other participants and share your experience. You also have the opportunity to book two personal online coaching sessions to talk about your challenges, questions and success.



This group is free for the first meeting, and then $45 / month after that. 

Host: Maike


Originally from Germany, I have lived in California for nearly a decade now. As a yoga and meditation teacher, I have experience in working with people in groups and individually. My approach is born out of a love for life and the wish to live this life to the fullest. Fun fact: While leading a yoga retreat in Thailand, I convinced my group to try underwater meditation!


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Phuket Cleanse, one of the leading detox and yoga retreats in Southeast Asia, has a diverse amount of departments and services. It shocked us all that Maike could rise to the occasion in no matter what department we put her in. Nothing was too difficult for her even though many of the things we asked her to do she had to train herself. When I asked her to teach underwater meditation and chakra consulting, she took up intensive training and started doing these practices within a week. When I asked her to support guests with life coaching, she enrolled in courses and used all resources available and became a life coach. She successfully coached many of our guests throughout their stay and even beyond. Maike is very attentive and focussed on detailed, which supported the amazing guest experience she was able to create.

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