Fireside Chat

A talk show about things that are hard to talk about


6pm PT / 9pm ET


Life doesn't always go as planned. Challenges can leave us feeling confused, sad or hopeless even. When that happens, we are faced with a choice: We can struggle alone or come together as a community.

Fireside Chat is a weekly talk show led by your amazing host Marie. We meet each other where we are – you can choose to participate or just listen. Every week, we will focus on a new topic close to your hearts. We will invite fascinating guests, share "Fireside Facts" and community stories. 


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Your Host: Marie


My goal is to end the stigma, surrounded by misunderstanding and fear. My mental health issues do not make me any less of anything: less of a person, less of a wife, less of a dog mom, less of a friend, or capable employee. I have anxiety and depression with some compulsive thoughts and flashbacks thrown in to keep things fun, but as cliché as it sounds, I will not let them have me.

To those trying to understand mental illness, I hope I can shed some light. To those suffering, I hope that my resources will make you more comfortable with the idea of reaching out to a professional.


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