Getting started - hosts

Enable video chat & messaging

Follow these instructions to enable video using Zoom.

Check out the technology section of our Host Guide for technical configuration.


Basic training

About the host role.

Review our Host guide for detailed information on how to facilitate a group.

Please watch our short video on the basics of the Zoom UI, which are crucial to the group experience.

Our First meeting playbook covers the unique elements and challenges of booting up a group.


Recruiting the best group

You can help us build the best set of folks for your group. If you are interested in helping, read our Playbook here.


Logistics & scheduling FAQ:


How do video calls get scheduled?

We will set up scheduled calls. 

How do members get invited?

We will invite members & provide them with instructions on how to join calls. They will have a personal link to join, just for them.

How do I join a meeting?

A host joins a video meeting like any other member. (Joining a video call)

Do not simply join / start a meeting - this will not be the meeting others are invited to. Use the link you will get in an email (in a big, yellow button!).

You will also be given "host account" credentials.  When logged in as this account, you will get the special powers as the 'host' of the Zoom meeting. If you are signed in to this account (via the web or the Zoom app), you'll automatically get the 'host' role.

Test run:

We ask you to practice dialing in to the meeting once far in advance (with the host account), just to be safe.

Do I need to initiate a meeting?

No, but we ask that you join10 minutes early. 

How do chat groups get created?

We will create the group for you and invite all participants. You will also get an email with a prompt to join the group.  The link to our mobile chat apps is here.  If you are having difficulty, email