Getting started:  Zoom



Actually, I just want to join a meeting now!

To enable video meetings, you need to get the Zoom app. When done,  launch a test meeting to ensure things are set right.

To stay anonymous: You don't need to sign up for Zoom. But if you do, use the name you want to go by in the group, omitting your last name. (This name will be displayed by default in meetings). 



Join Without App

(For some browsers) the Zoom web app allows joining a Zoom meeting without downloading any plugins.  

When joining a Zoom meeting, selecting Download & Run Zoom. Once selected, a new option to Join from Web will appear.


More resources

Zoom Guide: "How Do I Join A Meeting?"

Zoom's Getting started guide


Joining a meeting

I have Zoom:

Find The Meeting Link (In your email)

You group will provide you a personal link to your video meeting that never changes. 

Look for it in the emails sent to you regarding the meeting (in a big, yellow button!)

(Do not simply join / start a random meeting - this will not be the meeting others are invited to). 


Don't have Zoom yet?

Same steps, but quicker! (and can trip you up).

Watch this quick video to see the steps.


Having Trouble?

Lost your link?   email:

Review Zoom's "How do I join a meeting?"