Become a host


What is the role of the host?

Think of the host as the glue that holds a group together. Overall they facilitate of the group experience. They help ensure that the group is a safe environment that sticks to the purpose and values of Campfire. They do their best to improve the connection between members


Who are hosts?

Host might have a variety of backgrounds, depending on the group. Most typically, they are a trained peer, who shares experience with the group's focus topic.  


What do hosts do?

Primarily, hosts help ensure that video meetings run smoothly & safely. They help structure the conversation and moderate it to ensure that it is balanced and healthy. Hosts might provide structure that enhances the conversation, such as topics, exercises,  A host moderates the discussion by limiting some members' talk time, to ensure everyone has an equal chance to speak. Hosts might help members become comfortable sharing their experience though questions and encouragement.

Our Host guide is the most comprehensive way to understand what hosts do. 


What don't hosts do?

Hosts are not leaders of the group, marching members towards improvement or dispensing knowledge.

Hosts are not professionals providing therapy or other "mental healthcare."


Why become a host?


The skills you can build as a host are essential in number of valuable contexts. Facilitating a group experience on a sensitive topic is both challenging and relevant to many other occupations, such as coaching, counseling, or just general management. If you can enable a bunch of strangers share their deepest challenge and help each other, leading a meeting at the office should be a breeze.

Personally rewarding

Research (and our personal experience) shows that helping others helps us. It makes us feel happier. It also allows us to understand and respond to our own challenges better. 

Or consider the opinion of olympian Michael Phelps:

Helping others with depression "light years better" than Olympic gold

Try it - you might be surprised.

Get your group sooner

Do we not have an open group that fits you yet?  The quickest path is to offer to host.  Once we have a host, we're often able to quickly build a group.


Hear from other hosts

"Hosting has been both helpful and fulfilling. I’ve been able to get different ideas and strategies for myself working through depression."

Drew, host from San Francisco