Identity Issues Group


Timing: Sunday 7pm PT


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...except instead of fiction, we deal with the real stories that define our life. 


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About this group

The purpose of this group is to increase awareness and understanding of who you are and where ideas about you come from.

Sometimes our sense of identity gets lost, fractured or confused based on many factors such as being adopted, growing up in a family of a different race, being bi-racial, not fitting in with your class or race, being an immigrant, being an american immigrant with “american” expectations, feeling different in your skin than what other people expect, ancient traditional expectations not fitting into modern times, etc.

Understanding who we are, while simultaneously being aware of what people project onto us and assume about us is essential to exploring our solid state identity and feeling comfortable with ourselves. Each meeting, you will leave the group with a single clarifying sentence statement that we will use to build/confirm/affirm your sense of identity.


Host: Tabetha


Hello, I'm Tabetha, an adult korean adoptee. Throughout my life I have experienced challenges that have to do with adoption and identity. I have found that many people that have transracial or biracial or experiences can relate. Hello, I’m Tabetha, a Korean adoptee. Throughout my life I have experienced identity challenges having to do with what I look like and what others see vs. what I feel like inside and what others cannot see. I have found that many people with transracial or biracial experiences can also relate. Join me to discuss and explore the complex issues of identity.



This group is free to try, and then $20 per month. You won't be charged until the day before your 2nd meeting.