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Tuesdays, 7pm PT


Why to join Campfire


Think of Campfire as a book club.... 

...except instead of fiction, we deal with the real stories that define our life. 


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About this group

This group is for those of us who are seeking to implement mindfulness throughout our life. 

Our focus goes beyond the solo practice of meditation. We desire to be mindful throughout our day, and especially in our human interactions. We'll leverage the group dynamic to provide support in our efforts, to share methods, and practice social mindfulness. 



This group is free to try, and then $20 per month. You won't be charged until the day before your 2nd meeting.


Host: Lida

Lida would be great at leading a session about mindfulness theory and practice. She is a mindfulness meditation enthusiast, and has cumulatively spent 3+ months at silent retreats, with 11 hours of daily meditation. She went to another retreat in October and a longer one in December last year. Learn about her experience with mindfulness in her article here.