Mindfulness for eating disorders group


Timing: Tuesdays 7pm PT


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...except instead of fiction, we deal with the real stories that define our life. 


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About this group

This group is focused on applying mindfulness to the challenges of living with an eating disorder.

In our weekly gatherings, we will look at the thinking that gets in the way of you taking healthful actions, and explore how mindful practices can support you in doing this.  We will also explore how self compassion can support you in not being so hard on yourself, especially during those really challenging times.

Host: Marina

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Marina is a certified Mindfulness Instructor.  Her journey of mindfulness began when she became a student and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2007.  NVC supported Marina in becoming more aware of her thinking and how it affected her emotions and her actions. It also helped her gain insight into what’s important; especially in times of distress.  

Marina is part of the Support Group Leader team for the Eating Disorders Resource Center (EDRC).  Marina's day job is being an Instructional Aide; supporting high school students who are in Special Education. She is also a Mindfulness Educator; sharing mindful practices with high school students for stress management.



Cost: Up to you

This group is free to try for the first session. After that, you can pay the amount you think is fair for you.