Sexual violence support

We all struggle.  Together we can overcome.


A trusted support group with people like you

5-10 peers who share your challenge. Build a bond over weekly video meetings and keep it strong in our messaging app.


Getting support is hard

Abuse can be particularly hard to recover from, and live with. It's something we naturally will need support for throughout our lives.  But even with close friends, it might feel like too difficult a topic to bring up. Or you don’t want to bring it up too often. In any case, most people just can’t understand what you’re going through. 

Your Campfire group is full of people who can truly empathize - because they have been through something similar. It’s a place to get and give support. To heal, bond and simply be your authentic self.

Available Groups


Ana circle.png


“I had never been to a therapist. We don’t talk about mental health in my family. It helps to have people in my life that understand.”

Ana, Member from San Francisco

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“Campfire is increasing access to group support. Members are able to join groups from the comfort of their home, in a way that easily fits into their schedule.”

Laura, Host from Chicago