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“I had never been to a therapist. We don’t talk about mental health in my family. It helps to have people in my life that understand.”

Ana, Member from San Francisco



"I'm excited to see Campfire grow. There's opportunity for incredible impact through strangers becoming a community to build resilience through shared experience."

Baylee Greenberg, COO Crisis Text Line



“I enjoy hearing about the experiences of other group members. I’m surprised by how similar they are to mine. Knowing you're not alone is powerful.”

Dermot, Member from San Francisco



“Our research shows that peer support groups can achieve a wide range of benefits. We all do better when we can connect with people that share our experiences. I’m excited about Campfire’s model for peer support.”

Patrick Tang, Peers for Progress at University of North Carolina

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“Campfire is increasing access to group support. Members are able to join groups from the comfort of their home, in a way that easily fits into their schedule.”

Laura, Host from Chicago



“I live in a section of the country out of reach of most services and community. Campfire lets me get help from the comfort of my couch, and within sight of my child."

Jennifer, Member from Quad Cities