Why we do it

Think of Campfire as a book club... 

Except instead of fiction, we're dealing with the real stories that define our life.

Why join this club?

If speaking kindly to plants
helps them grow,

imagine what speaking kindly
to humans can do.

We all deserve to belong to a team that's rooting for us. Going it alone is unhealthy.  People with deep connections are happier, and live longer (by a lot). Our groups bond on the things that matter.

Build a bond

We're stronger than we think. The encouragement of those with shared experience, who understand us, unlocks this strength.  It challenges us to push harder than we could on our own, to be resilient, and to break through.

Stronger Together

To flourish we need clarity. We need to find and accept the person we are.  Our group welcomes us to discover and express this authentic self. We courageously share and process our experiences, good and bad.  

What's your story?

Research  shows that coaching others is personally rewarding. It makes us feel happier. It also allows us to understand and respond to our own challenges better. 

Helping others helps us